ESG: In 2022, the Company has shown resilience to challenges, flexibility, and commitment to its principles

The Gas TSO of Ukraine is a responsible company that strictly adheres to the principles of sustainable development. We know that a responsible attitude to natural resources and the environment, high social standards, and the quality of corporate governance are the basic factors for an effective business.


The social component of the GTSOU over the past year has manifested itself as clearly as possible. Together with other Companies, GTSOU is at the forefront of the energy front: in addition to basic work and repairs of damaged infrastructure, we help communities in all regions of the country to cope with the consequences of the destruction caused by the enemy.

Our MPLPDs, together with local authorities, restore water supply, put out large-scale fires caused by russian shelling, evacuate people from dangerous regions and equip conditions for them in a new place, collect and transport humanitarian cargo, and regularly donate blood as donors. It seems that our employees can do everything because their responsibility goes far beyond purely professional skills.

The Linear Production Divisions of the GTSOU received gratitude from city chairmen, chairmen of military-civil administrations, public utilities, and military units, as well as a medal for volunteering. Only together we can defeat the enemy and win on difficult fronts.

The Company also continued to support the professional development of its employees: we continued to learn continuously at all levels because the continuous improvement of production processes is an important element of business sustainability.


In times of war, the issue of responsible consumption of resources is particularly acute. GTSOU consistently follows an energy-saving policy, so over the past year, we have completely revised our approach to electricity consumption. This includes an economical mode in offices, a special mode of operation of compressor stations, the rational use of electric motors, the reconstruction of the outdoor lighting system and lighting networks, and much more. Owing to energy efficiency measures, GTSOU subdivisions save tens of millions of cubic meters of natural gas. We have introduced the technology of repairing gas pipelines under pressure, detecting and repairing leaks through the seal of process equipment, repairing main gas pipelines using a mobile compressor, etc.

In addition, GTSOU is implementing a Development Strategy, the provisions of which are in line with the objectives of the EU Strategy to reduce methane emissions. Our Company started implementing measures to reduce methane emissions immediately after the unbundling in 2019. Result: reduction of fugitive emissions about total methane emissions from 42% (2019) to 28% (2021).

Despite the ongoing war, Ukraine remains a reliable and promising partner for Europe in the energy transition to carbon-free energy. GTSOU actively supports the development of the market for renewable gases, in particular, biomethane. In 2022, the Company’s experts were involved in the development of key regulations that will open up opportunities for the production and export of biomethane to Europe. Three potential producers have officially submitted applications and received technical conditions from GTSOU for connecting their facilities to the network. Another 11 potential biomethane producers are consulting with the GTSOU on the possibility of connecting 27 biomethane facilities to the GTS, with a total declared capacity of 210 million cubic meters of biomethane per year. We are doing our best to ensure that Ukraine is integrated into the European renewable gas market and makes a significant contribution to achieving #RepowerEU goals.


Every Company in Ukraine today is adapting to the new business environment when the priority is the safety of people, process flexibility, and risk management.

GTSOU works according to international standards and has in its arsenal the best practices regarding risk compliance, virtue policy, anti-corruption, fraud prevention and detection, ethical business conduct, and risk management system. We will continue to maintain a high level of compliance with business standards to make Ukraine a full-fledged player in the global gas market.