Firm capacity for gas imports from Hungary has been extended until April 2023

GTSOU and the Hungarian operator FGSZ have agreed to extend access to firm capacity for natural gas imports from Hungary to Ukraine until March 31, 2023.

Thus Ukraine preserves reliable access to the demanded route of gas imports, as since the beginning of 2022 supplies from Hungary accounted for 46% of gas imports to Ukraine, and in 2021 – more than 85%.

Gas traders can book the necessary capacity at quarterly, monthly, and daily auctions, particularly, for the first and second quarters of the gas year 2022/2023.

“GTSOU works hard to maximize opportunities for gas imports to Ukraine, diversify its sources of supply, and, accordingly, strengthen the security of supply. The Hungarian direction is important for Ukraine, in particular, due to access to the LNG terminal on the Krk island in Croatia. Ukrainian companies will be able to take advantage of the Hungarian route in preparation for the new heating season, – said CEO of GTSOU Sergiy Makogon.

The firm capacity for gas imports from Hungary is valid from January 1, 2022. It allows physical imports of up to 8 million cubic meters of natural gas per day (2.9 billion cubic meters per year).

The project started as a three-month pilot, but the successful interaction of the two TSOs allowed us to extend it for more than a year.

In total, as a result of agreements with gas TSOs in Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary, in 2022 GTSOU has doubled the opportunities to import gas from Europe to Ukraine – to more than 50 million cubic meters per day. This amount corresponds to the daily domestic gas production.

Gas TSO of Ukraine continues working hard to make all the agreements long-term and traders can receive a possibility of long-term bookings on an annual basis.