Transport from Europe (Oct)
International cooperation: the possibility of importing gas from Europe is comparable to the volume of Ukrainian production

In 2014, Slovakia opened a gas corridor for Ukraine and provided a firm capacity to import up to 27 million cubic meters of gas per day. This allowed to attract European gas suppliers to the Ukrainian market and completely abandon Russian gas: since 2015, Ukraine has not bought a single cubic meter of natural gas in Russia.

In 2021 the team of the independent Gas TSO of Ukraine focused on increasing the firm capacity for gas imports from Europe.

And in six months, Ukraine’s ability to import from Europe even without physical transit has doubled: from January 1, 8 million cubic meters per day have been available from Hungary, from March 4 – an additional 15 million cubic meters from Slovakia, and from March 6 – more than 4 million cubic meters from Poland.

The daily opportunity to import gas is over 50 million cubic meters per day. It is comparable to the volume of Ukrainian gas production.

We are very grateful to the partners from Eustream a.s., Gaz System S.A., and FGSZ for supporting and moving towards Ukraine in this difficult time. Ďakujem! Köszönöm! Dziękujemy!