For the attention of the transportation service customers: in 6 days the possibility of ordering the capacity for the first month or quarter of 2020 will be complete

November, 25, 2019, Kyiv city – Gas TSO of Ukraine LLC  reminds customers of gas transportation services about the need to reserve capacity at internal points of Entry/Exit of the GTS for monthly or quarterly periods.

It is possible to do this in 30 calendar days before the first day of the month in which natural gas transportation is to start, as specified in the GTS of Ukraine Code, section 9, chapter 5, paragraph 2.That is, to order capacity for the special periods from January 1, 2020, it is necessary to submit the following order by December 1, 2019.

Despite that, according to the Order of Regulator Постанови НКРЕКП №2365 від 14.11.2019 gas transportation services customers may reserve capacity at points of interstate connections for annual and quarterly periods. Thus, for the gas year 2019/2020 – till December 13, 2019 orders are accepted for the annual period and until Decmber 17, 2019 – for quarterly periods of the II-IV quarters.

For customers, who do not have the time to order in a month or a quarter will only have the option of ordering capacity per day.

Please note that only customers who have concluded a natural gas transportation contract with the company GTS Ukraine Operator can order services.

We inform you that last week Gas TSO of Ukraine LLC successfully passed the preliminary certification in NERC, which is a necessary prerequisite for the start of operation of the legally separated GTS Operator from 01.01.2020.

Contacts for capacity nominations:
+38 (044) 461-22-33
+38 (044) 461-21-15
+38 (044) 461-21-75
+38 (044) 461-20-36

Forms templates:
Form for capacity nomination for commercial customers – .xlsx
Form for capacity nomination for PSO-customers – .xlsx