Vidbir Gazu (Sep)
Gas TSO of Ukraine and USAID intensify their cooperation to strengthen Ukraine’s energy security

During the time of russian aggression, Gas TSO of Ukraine (GTSOU) and USAID Energy Security Project (ESP) continue implementing joint projects designed to improve the efficiency of the Ukrainian GTS and ensure its stability in wartime conditions.

Among the initiatives GTSOU and USAID are currently implementing there are:

1. Implementing a modern dispatching software complex for modeling and optimizing the operation of main gas pipelines. The software complex will provide GTSOU with advanced online control and offline modeling tools, improve control over the gas transmission system, develop optimal gas transportation modes in response to emergencies, and scenario analysis in the process of network development planning.
2. Automating the equipment maintenance and repair management system (M&R) will help transform and optimize GTSOU internal processes of maintenance and repairs and increase their efficiency.
3. Financial stress test for GTSOU aimed at the sustainable passage of the 2022/2023 autumn-winter season.

In addition, the parties are working on the possibility of procurement of equipment that is critically necessary for GTSOU in wartime conditions, including a mobile data center, additional server equipment, modular automatic gas distribution stations, etc.

“Despite the war, with the support of international partners, Gas TSO of Ukraine continues  systematically improving the efficiency of its operations. In parallel, with the preparation for the heating season, we are implementing more long-term projects that will allow Ukrainian GTS to respond to new challenges. The key goal of joint efforts is the security of supply to Ukrainian consumers, – GTSOU CEO Sergiy Makogon said. – I would like to thank USAID and the Energy Security Project for the powerful support of our projects and the tangible contribution to the safety and reliability of the Ukrainian GTS. Substantial international support for Ukraine is important to our joint victory over the enemy”.

According to Michael Trainor, Head of USAID Ukraine Energy Security Project, an effective partnership allows faster deployment of USAID assistance to ensure the security of gas supplies during wartime. It also provides proceeding with planning the reconstruction and reforming of the Ukrainian gas sector following the principles of a competitive market, which is the key to long-term development.