Gas TSO of Ukraine completed repair of Looping–4 gas pipeline at border with Slovakia

September 21, 2020, Kyiv – The Gas TSO of Ukraine completed the scheduled repair works at the Looping–4 gas pipeline near the border with Slovakia in due time. Therefore, for tomorrow, the gas day on 22-nd of September, applications are in acceptation from traders for the transportation of gas from Slovakia to Ukraine through GMS Budince in full. The gas pipeline and the interconnection point will start operating at 7:00 am.

“The repairs in time are a guarantee of trouble-free operation of the GTS. In particular, there are five main gas pipelines on the border with Slovakia, which transit gas to the EU and import it to Ukraine. We made every effort to organize repairs in a short time, and I kept this issue under control. After all, the reliability and safety of transportation, including by our contractors in preparation for the heating season, is a priority for the Gas TSO of Ukraine,” said Sergiy Makogon, General Director of GTSOU.

The Looping-4 gas pipeline has been the subject of high attention, as it is the only route for guaranteed gas supplies from EU countries to Ukraine. Due to the involvement of additional resources, the terms of repair work on it were minimized from 7 to 3 weeks on the request of market participants. At the same time, the unconditional priority for Gas TSO of Ukraine was and still be the safety of further operation of the pipeline.

In the second decade of September, Sergiy Makogon personally visited the regional divisions of the company in the west of Ukraine with an inspection on the preparation of GTS facilities for the new heating season 2020/2021. Extra attention was paid to repair works on the main gas pipelines near the border with Slovakia, which were simultaneously performed by joint crews of the Transcarpathian and Dolyna line production departments – on the “import” gas pipeline Looping–4 and on the area of the straightening of transit gas pipeline Dolyna–Uzhgorod–State Border– 2.

The resumption of the Looping–4 gas pipeline returns the possibility for customers to use this gas pipeline to import gas to Ukraine in the amount of up to 27 million cubic meters per day guaranteed and up to 15.5 million cubic meters per day of interruptible capacity, of which 12.2 million cubic meters per day are already booked by customers by the end of September. In case of additional questions, please text the commercial dispatching department of Gas TSO of Ukraine com-disp@tsoua.com