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Gas TSO of Ukraine has ensured natural gas transportation to Barvinkove in the Kharkiv region

The employees of Kramatorsk MPLPD have put back into operation the gas distribution station supplying natural gas to the town of Barvinkove in the Kharkiv region. This GDS was shut down in April 2022 due to hostilities, which caused significant damage to the main gas pipeline.

Thanks to the counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the liberation of the territories, the specialists of GTSOU gained access to the damaged sections of the gas transportation system and began repairs. To restore the gas supply to Barvinkove, a part of the gas pipeline had to be replaced and then purged and backfilled. GTSOU repair crews carried out works in coordination with employees of Kharkivgaz, which has already announced its readiness to accept gas into its distribution networks for consumer needs. Taking into account the weather conditions and the general military situation, the employees of Kramatorsk MPLPD completed the work in a short time.

Today, the repair crews of Kramatorsk and Kharkiv MPLPDs move into the liberated territories after the military and sappers to repair the damaged infrastructure as quickly as possible and ensure that Ukrainian consumers have access to gas and heat before the start of the heating seaso