Gas TSO of Ukraine informs the IEA about the possibility to replace Nord Stream 1

Ukraine plays an important role in ensuring energy security in Europe and beyond. This was noted by Fatih Birol, Executive Director of the International Energy Agency (IEA) on the signing of the Joint Declaration of Association between Ukraine and the IEA, which will provide a basis for closer cooperation in the field of energy security, recovery, and “green” transition.

For its part, Gas TSO Ukraine welcomes Ukraine’s accession to the International Energy Agency. To define pressing problems and opportunities for urgent enhancement of energy security in Europe and Ukraine, taking into account threats from the russian federation, Sergiy Makogon, СEO of GTSOU, and Olga Bielkova, Director of Government and International Affairs, held a conversation with representatives of the IEA.

Representatives of Gas TSO of Ukraine provided information on the possibility of using the Ukrainian gas transportation route to the EU and about its unique importance for Ukraine.

Despite the obvious need of EU countries for the blue fuel, “Gazprom” does not use the capacities of the Ukrainian GTS, which have already been booked and even paid for: less than 42 million cubic meters per day are transported out of the available 109 million cubic meters per day. Moreover, the russian company ignored the capacity of the Ukrainian route even during the scheduled repairs of Turkish Stream and Nord Stream 1.

“When discussing the problems of gas supply via Nord Stream 1, Europe should not forget that there is an alternative option – the Ukrainian GTS. The EU should not always follow the conditions of the aggressor country hoping that this will change the situation. The governments of the EU countries have not only the right but also the obligation to their citizens to analyze all possibilities and dictate their conditions and choose their supply route. Besides, this way Europe will be able to protect Ukrainian consumers. After all, if russia depends on the Ukrainian GTS, it will not deliberately destroy our infrastructure, which is necessary, above all, to supply gas to the population of Ukraine,” said Sergiy Makogon.