Gas TSO of Ukraine LLC has announced the first capacity allocation auction on the RBP and GSA platforms

10th of June 2020, Kyiv – Gas TSO of Ukraine LLC continues to actively implement EU best business practices in the energy sector – RBP (Hungary) and GSA (Poland) platforms published data on the first capacity allocation auction on 6 June. Potential participants can get acquainted with the list of interconnection points and the respective proposed amounts of annual capacity on a firm basis for the 2020-2021 gas year*.

Gas TSO of Ukraine LLC invites all interested companies to pre-register on the platforms and participate** in the first auction, which will take place on 6 July 2020.

In order to simplify the registration procedure and work on these auction platforms, the option of the Ukrainian interface language is available, rules and instructions for use are set out in Ukrainian, and also “hot line” is open for advisory support:
+38 (044) 239-78-85,
+38 (044) 239-77-44,

Starting from July of the current year, the capacity for the 2020-2021 gas year*** will be allocated at all interconnection points in accordance with the auction bidding procedure. This will increase the competition between network users in the capacity allocation. Starting from next gas year access to the capacities of cross-border IPs will be provided only through the mentioned platforms. Therefore, Gas TSO of Ukraine LLC is kindly asking interested market participants to register on the platforms and enter into required contracts in advance.

Information reference

*Gas TSO of Ukraine LLC implements electronic capacity allocation auctions in accordance with the requirements of Gas Transmission System Code of Ukraine and Commission Regulation (EU) 2017/459 of 16 March 2017 establishing a network code on capacity allocation mechanisms in gas transmission systems and repealing Regulation (EU) No 984/2013. The purpose of their implementation is to increase the efficient capacity allocation at interconnection points.

The auctions will be held on auction platforms that meet the requirements of EU Regulation and have been widely used by adjacent TSOs – RBP (Hungary) and GSA (Poland). Gas TSO of Ukraine LLC and the operators of the respective auction platforms have signed agreements, according to which capacity allocation for the 2020-2021 gas year will take place on these auction platforms.

Registration on these auction platforms is free of charge for network users who have a contract with Gas TSO of Ukraine LLC for the natural gas transmission.

Information on the procedure for conducting auctions at each of interconnection points, registration on auction platforms, terms and conditions for obtaining the status of an auction participant is on the official website of Gas TSO of Ukraine LLC in the section “Business&Services->Order and payment->Capacity allocation at interconnection points“.

**To see the proposed auctions on the RBP and GSA platforms, select/enter “Gas TSO of Ukraine LLC” in the search filter.

***Gas year starts on 1 October.