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Gas TSO of Ukraine upgrades Fire Protection System

March 12, 2021 Gas TSO of Ukraine has enhanced its material and technical resource base – 8 new mobile powder fire extinguishing installations have already arrived to the production facilities of Zaporizhzhia, Kramatorsk, Zolotonosha, Bibrka, Bogorodchany Bogorodchansk linear production unit.

The main advantage of the new units is that they, compared with regular fire extinguishers, have a much more higher charge volume of fire extinguishing powder*. They are designed to put out fires of classes: “A” (solid materials), “B” (flammable liquids) and “C” (fires involving stocks), as well as energized electrical equipment under the voltage up to 1000V.

“Gas TSO of Ukraine observes all technical requirements on operation of GTS facilities to ensure reliable and failure-free operation of the entire infrastructure complex. We are constantly working to improve the fire safety system, including updating the material and technical base,” commented Yurii Ziabchenko, Chief Engineer of GTSOU.

Within the structural subdivisions of GTSOU there are already 8 systems of this kind, operating in addition to the existing firefighting equipment (including smaller capacity fire extinguishers).

* The new installations are installed on the single-axle trailer base, having a charge of fire extinguishing agent of 250 kg, extinguishing capacity – 20 square meters, the length of the powder jet – at least 10 m. It takes 2 people to bring such a unit in readiness to extinguish a fire.