German company ONTRAS assisted in restoration work on damaged sections of the Ukrainian GTS

GTS operators from other countries understand better than anyone else how difficult and dangerous it is for their Ukrainian colleagues to repair gas pipelines damaged as a result of shelling by russian occupiers, and sometimes even under shelling.

To help GTSO specialists, German GTS operator ONTRAS sent welding electrodes, metal brushes and disks for cleaning and grinding welds, cutting metal when repairing pipelines and equipment.

In addition, ONTRAS transferred the Flir E50 thermal imaging tool for GTSO needs. Such innovative thermal imaging cameras are designed for efficient and convenient “energy audit”. In other words, this diagnostic process helps to determine heat leaks from various facilities(premises, industrial equipment, etc). The thermal imager will be used for work on GTS facilities. The device will also reduce energy costs.

Thanks to the support of our international colleagues as well as materials and equipment provided for Gas TSO of Ukraine by German operator ONTRAS, GTSOU engineers can continue working on pipeline sections damaged as a result of shelling in order to resume the supply of gas to Ukrainians.

GTSOU is grateful to its German colleagues for their support.