VTD (site 20.07.2023)
GTSOU carried out diagnostics of almost 1000 km of main gas pipelines

According to the results of the first half of 2023, the specialists of the Gas TSO of Ukraine together with ROSEN Europe B.V. carried out in-line inspection (ILI) of 995.39 km of the linear part of the main gas pipelines (LP MGP).

The inspection is carried out according to European standards by several methods in order to carefully study the real state of gas pipelines. Based on the results of the received reports, the specialists of the GTSOU identify the sections of the GTS that require attention and carry out a set of measures to improve the reliability of the gas transmission system.

Based on current reports, the GTSOU Diagnostics Division has already identified defects that affect the gas transportation regime and need to be examined as a matter of priority. Areas requiring urgent repair work have also been identified, and comprehensive insulation repairs with partial replacement of pipes have begun.

It should be noted that this year the main part of the sections of gas pipelines, where ILI was carried out, are located in the western region. After all, the reliability of the operation of gas pipelines responsible for transportation from the largest Ukrainian gas storage facilities and European countries is under the special attention of the GTSOU.

This year, the GTSOU plans to inspect another 1667.32 kilometers of main gas pipelines, and in general this will amount to more than 2.7 thousand kilometers of LP MPG for 2023.

Recall that in 2022, despite the military aggression and hostilities in many regions of Ukraine, the specialists of the GTSOU and ROSEN inspected more than 2000 km of the LP MPG.