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GTSOU continues to ensure uninterrupted transportation of gas

The Gas TSO of Ukraine performs all the clients’ orders in full and transports gas according to confirmed nominations. We understand the humanitarian importance of gas transportation, on which the heat and light in the homes of Ukrainian and European people depend, so we do and will continue to do everything possible to ensure the uninterrupted operation of the GTS infrastructure.

Despite the incredible complexity of the conditions in which the company has to work, GTSOU implements necessary measures to minimize the impact of power supply interruptions on the company’s operational activities. The company has reserve capacities for power supply and uses them as needed. We prepare for various scenarios to be able to apply the necessary modes of operation that are available.

“Given russia’s shelling, the situation remains complicated. We work together with the government and energy companies to minimize the consequences of russian attacks on the energy system and to mitigate the possible impact on gas transportation,” says Yuriy Zyabchenko, chief engineer of GTSOU.

The enemy is unpredictable but systematic in its desire to create chaos and destroy Ukraine’s critical infrastructure. GTSOU continues the restoration of the GTS facilities damaged by russian shelling in the de-occupied territories and ensures reliable gas transportation by obligations to customers in the EU.

GTSOU uses all available resources to ensure the continuity of gas transportation in Ukraine and the direction of the EU.