GTSOU is among the largest taxpayers in Ukraine

April 20, 2021 – Based on the amount of taxes paid in 2020, Gas TSO of Ukraine took 8th place in the ranking of companies that are the largest payers of taxes in Ukraine. The annual assessment was compiled by the media outlet  “RATING. Business in official figures“ relying on the data from the State Tax Service.

According to the results of 2020, GTSOU paid UAH 14.9 billion in taxes to the state budget (UAH 11.8 billion excluding SSPs and taxes accrued in 2020, but according to the procedures paid in early 2021). This earned the Company eighth place in the ranking of the TOP taxpayers of Ukraine and fifth place among the public sector taxpayers.

“Being one of the largest taxpayers, we understand the responsibility for supporting the economy of the state, and we are constantly striving to increase the efficiency. Almost 80% of GTSOU’s revenues come from the international activities of the Company, therefore in 2020 we had focused significant efforts in this direction and that had a positive impact on the final financial performance,” said Sergiy Makogon, CEO of Gas TSO of Ukraine. “Integration into international markets and internal transformation with a focus on efficiency are the key priorities of GTSOU in 2021. We continue to do everything necessary to increase our contribution to Ukraine’s economy.” 

For comparison: The amount of taxes paid by GTSOU in 2020 equals to a quarter of all state budget spending on citizens’ social care in 2020 or about 12% of the public expenditures allocated for health care of Ukrainians.