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GTSOU is ready for the heating season

The Company has implemented the appropriate technical and organizational measures and the gas transmission system is ready for operation in the autumn-winter period of 2022/2023. The respective preparedness certificates were issued to all Main Gas Pipeline Linear Production Divisions (MPLPD) and Operational and Repair Divisions (ORD).

Over the five months of planned preparation for the AWP, taking into account the geography of hostilities on the territory of Ukraine, in connection with the military aggression of the russian federation against Ukraine and the need to restore critical infrastructure damaged by the aggressor, our MPLPD:

  • repaired and partially reconstructed 55 gas distribution stations;
  • repaired four gas pumping units at CS;
  • inspected (technical diagnostics) 23 boilers;
  • performed capital repairs of about 7 km of the linear part of pipelines;
  • repaired 7.5 km of heating networks and 80 shut-off valves;
  • repaired 11 boiler houses and 5 boilers.

Besides, we carried out the repair and reconstruction of 565 automatic control and alarm systems at GDS and GCU, repaired 7 km of cable lines and replaced 17 cable couplings, provided our units with necessary chemical reagents, fuel, and lubricants, formed an emergency stock of pipes, shut-off and regulating valves as well as spare parts and prepared industrial buildings and fire stations.

All Company subdivisions are working under extreme conditions today. Employees of the Kharkiv, Zaporizhzhia, Kramatorsk, and Mykolaiv MPLPD are doing everything possible to execute necessary repair works to eliminate damage to gas pipelines and restore gas supply to consumers in the de-occupied territories.

In addition, the employees of GTSOU face significant challenges due to working in heavily mined areas. All restoration works are carried out in close contact with local authorities, with the organization of support from the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and the State Emergency Service, and carried out preliminary demining.

“Our employees courageously perform their professional duty on the energy front. We resume gas transportation in the liberated territories in close cooperation with AFU, SES, and local military-civilian administrations, and we do our best to resume the operation of the facilities damaged by the occupiers in the shortest possible time. Preparation for the heating season this year is a special challenge for all energy companies. We are aware that the enemy is insidious and we will do everything in our power to get through the difficult times this winter,” said Yurii Ziabchenko, Chief Engineer at GTSOU.

Gas TSO of Ukraine along with all energy companies is working to ensure the security of the supply of vital resources to the citizens of Ukraine and holds the energy front.

Together to victory!