international Support 04012023 En (news)
GTSOU repair crews will become more mobile thanks to help from Slovakia, Italy, and Germany

In the last weeks of 2022, GTSOU received cargo with technological assistance from its international partners – TSO’s Eustream A.S. (Slovakia), Snam (Italy), and German Federal Foreign Office.

During the war, it is essential to provide GTSOU employees with the necessary tools and equipment for work “in field conditions.” GTSOU, in cooperation with the Ministry of Energy and the Energy Community Secretariat’s (ECS) Ukraine Support Task Force (USTF), takes care of increasing the mobility of repair teams, risking their lives to restore the damage caused by russian occupiers.

Among the tools/equipment sent to GTSOU are cordless drills, hammer drills, portable power stations, fuses for previously received generators, IT equipment, etc.

The State Agency of Strategic Reserves (Rządowa Agencja Rezerw Strategiccznych – RARS) helped to solve logistical issues.

Many options exist for providing non-military aid to Ukraine and its citizens. And we thank our partners who do not neglect them, support Ukrainians and take care of ensure their priority humanitarian needs.