Молдова Станчак
GTSOU Shares Experience of Successful Unbundling with Moldovan Authorities

Gas Transmission System Operator of Ukraine (GTSOU), in collaboration with the Energy Community Secretariat and ENTSOG, shared their experience of successful unbundling and integration into the European gas market with Moldova’s colleagues.

At the seminar about integrating the Republic of Moldova into the EU gas market, representatives of the Ukrainian Gas TSO, the Energy Community Secretariat, and ENTSOG held working meetings with key stakeholders from Moldova’s Ministry of Energy.

During the seminar, Pawel Stanczak, Deputy General Director for the Development and Transformation of Gas TSO of Ukraine, presented the successful unbundling process of GTSOU to his Moldova colleagues.

“For a successful reform in the energy sector, it is essential to ensure full cooperation and coordination among all stakeholders, which includes the TSO, industry companies, legislative and executive authorities,” Pawel Stanczak emphasized.

Tatyana Fedorova, a member of the Supervisory Board of JSC “Mahistralni Gazoprovody Ukrainy,” Malgorzata Banasik, Advisor to the CEO of GTSOU on European Legislation, and Kateryna Kovalenko, Head of Strategy Department of the company shared their insights and experiences with their Moldova’s counterparts.

The working sessions focused on identifying regulatory and market challenges Moldova’s gas market faced, infrastructure bottlenecks, and compatibility with other TSOs. Participants also explored the potential use of the Ukrainian Gas Storage facilities to ensure energy security in Moldova. They discussed joint measures to enhance the attractiveness of the gas transmission route through the Trans-Balkan corridor from Romania to Ukraine via Moldova.