GTSOU started a market demand assessment as part of the procedure for new (incremental) capacity

On July 3, 2023, GTSOU started a market demand assessment to increase capacity for exiting interconnection points or create new interconnection points as part of the procedure for new (incremental) capacity. All customers of transportation services have the opportunity to submit proposals to the GTSOU regarding the future expansion of the existing capacity of the GTS of Ukraine or the creation of new directions for natural gas transportation, based on their plans on the natural gas market.

The application of the new (incremental) capacity procedure can become an effective mechanism for creating new technical possibilities for natural gas transportation, including in directions where the current capacity supply does not satisfy the existing market demand.

The market demand assessment will be conducted until August 28, 2023. You can read more about the procedure for submitting non-binding applications at the link: https://tsoua.com/en/business-services/order-and-payment/capacity-allocation-at-interconnection-points/auction-platforms-and-interconnection-points/incremental-capacity-process-non-binding-phase/