GTSOU supported by USAID is launching a project for building up an information system to manage the process of maintenance and repair (M&R)

Gas TSO of Ukraine with the support of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) is launching a project for building an equipment repair and maintenance management system (M&R system). This asset management system will significantly speed up solving production tasks, make the company’s work more streamlined and transparent, and allow for comprehensive analysis of the cost of operation of facilities and equipment.

The project partners are Tetra Tech, a global provider of consulting and engineering services, implementing the USAID Energy Security Project in Ukraine and Ernst & Young, an international consulting company engaged by them.

Implementation of M&R management system is aimed at transformation of internal processes and implementation of software for their automation, in particular:

  • periodic routine, diagnostic and repair works, and updating thereof;
  • detailed scheduling of work performance, taking into account the routing of personnel movement to the work performance locations;
  • execution of reports on the works performed at the work site via mobile devices.

Advanced mobile technologies, equipment and programs based thereon allow to simplify as much as possible for maintenance teams to promptly receive tasks, register technical condition of facilities, confirm completed work, account for materials used, working time, etc.

During the first phase of the project, the current state of the GTSOU asset management function will be assessed; functional requirements for appropriate information systems will be developed, a comprehensive architecture of M&R information solutions will be designed and tender documentation will be prepared. The evaluation is currently being performed by the consulting company Ernst & Young, which has been engaged by USAID/Tetra Tech for this phase of the project.

During the next phases of the project, all the required software will be purchased and integrated with the other systems of the company, RFID tags will be mounted on the equipment and up-to-date asset management processes will be implemented.

“Gas TSO is constantly working on improving the quality of planning and accounting processes and efficiency of investment and repair processes of the GTS. Implementation of mobile solutions for M&R management will allow to collect data and transfer them from mobile devices directly to the ERP system, promptly monitor the implementation of the processes and provide mobile teams with all the necessary information for their work at facilities on-line,” said Sergiy Makogon, CEO of Gas TSO. “I want to thank USAID for supporting our projects and for their contribution to the safety and reliability of the Ukrainian GTS. “