2023 02 13 ESG G (site)
GTSOU took part in the development of the video course “Anti-Corruption” from the UN GC

The UN Global Compact in Ukraine has presented a video course “Anti-Corruption”, which helps to develop the principles of conscientious work of small and medium-sized Companies.
Among the 50 Ukrainian experts from the private and public sectors who developed and prepared materials for the training manual was Yuriy Voytsitskyi, Head of the Compliance Service of the GTSOU.

“We were one of the main participants in the preparation of this course, determined the subject, essence and basic materials. We provided our scripts and tested the result. The course is intended for small and medium-sized businesses, because virtuous entrepreneurs are the key to a healthy economy in Ukraine,”- the specialist noted.

GTSOU received an honorary distinction for helping to prepare the video course. It contains 5 learning modules, each lasting 5-8 minutes:

  • corruption risks for business;
  • prohibited practices;
  • peculiarities of working with the state apparatus;
  • duties of the authorized person and work with whistleblowers;
  • tone from above.

The development of the course lasted more than two years as part of the Anti-Corruption Collective Action program from the UN Global Compact in Ukraine.