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GTSOU Volunteers: a year of help and care

Employees of the Gas TSO of Ukraine have done a lot of good deeds over the past year. More than 500 colleagues joined the volunteer campaigns organized by the Company. More than a thousand participated in all-Ukrainian initiatives or created projects to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine and families affected by the war.

Ukrainian strength lies in our people, and our indestructible people once again proved this truth. The russian invasion is destroying us, destroying our cities and fates, but Ukrainians unite in the most difficult times and rebuff the aggressor. Everyone is in their place. For almost a year we have been organizing ourselves, creating aid centers, volunteering, and supporting the army defending our land.

“Being a reliable shoulder for the state is the philosophy of the GTS Operator, our unchanging choice. Therefore, today, throughout the country, our colleagues from Linear Production Divisions give their time, strength, heart, and work for Victory. They are involved in various assistance projects: from weaving camouflage nets and donations to repairing the necessary cars for the front,” – says Dmytro Sorochenko, HR Director of the GTSOU.

It is inspiring that in 2022 we are together:

  • Donated more than 130 liters of blood to save the wounded;
  • Woven tens of meters of camouflage nets;
  • Manufactured and sent to the Armed Forces of Ukraine more than 300 stoves for heating dugouts, cooking, and drying clothes;
  • Repaired dozens of vehicles for the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine;
  • Collected more than 200 kg of coins as part of the “Brave Hryvnia” campaign, the money was sent to the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine;
  • Helped hundreds of families who left the war zone.

Moreover, due to voluntary deductions from wages, our colleagues collected more than UAH 22 million in 2022, which was spent on the purchase of sights, quadcopters, clothes, shoes, alcohol burners, and other important things and devices for hundreds of employees of the Company who are currently protecting the country in ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

In addition, all divisions of the GTSOU assist the security and defense forces in strengthening checkpoints, and strongpoints, carrying out cargo work, preparing firewood, carrying out earthworks, donate clothes and food for the territorial defense and hospitals.

All our employees bring the Victory of Ukraine closer every day. Not only by the conscientious performance of professional duties but also by sincere sacrifices, like millions of Ukrainians across the country. Therefore, the enemy has no chance.

Let’s hold the line! Everything will be Ukraine!