20231116 Modernization (site) EN
GTSOU with the support of international partners is implementing mobile maintenance of equipment of GTS facilities

Gas Transmission System Operator of Ukraine (GTSOU) continues improving the reliability and efficiency of the GTS, especially in wartime conditions. One of the priority areas of this work is introduction of mobile maintenance of GTS facilities.

Introduction of pilot mobile maintenance teams at several LPUs has proven to be successful, offering several advantages such as quick response to emergencies, reduced dependence on communication with GDS operators, optimized resources, and improved quality of equipment maintenance. Thus, within the development of the concept, GTSOU has approved the corresponding rollout plan, as part of which 21 mobile teams have already been launched.

To ensure that the work of the mobile teams meets European standards as well as becomes automated and transparent, GTSOU has attracted international technical assistance from USAID ESP. This assistance includes the procurement of a mobile application, which will be integrated with GTSOU ERP system.

In November, an agreement on the development of such an application was duly signed off.

The mobile application offers various benefits, including:

  • optimal route planning;
  • automatic task assignment and instructions;
  • recording of work results;
  • time calculation through RFID tags scanning;
  • defect notifications with photo and video confirmation;
  • offline functionality and synchronization with GTSOU back-end system for data exchange when connected to the network.

In 2024 mobile teams are expected to use the mobile application as their primary tool for recording equipment information, leading to improved maintenance and repairs. This, in turn, may reduce the number of equipment emergency shutdowns.

“The mobility regime has proven to be resilient in the face of russian aggression, allowing for prompt response and elimination of consequences. Our teams, taking an example from the Armed Forces of Ukraine, hold the energy front and ensure security of supply, while automation of their work will make this task much easier, – noted GTSOU General Director Dmytro Lyppa. – I would like to express my gratitude to USAID for supporting our projects and their contribution to the safety and reliability of the Ukrainian GTS”