GTSOU, with USAID support, will improve dispatching management thanks to the SIMONE software package

Gas TSO of Ukraine continues working on optimizing and improving the quality of its dispatching control systems. The company is launching a project to implement the SIMONE software package for dispatching, modeling and optimizing of GTS operations. The project is supported by the USAID Energy Security Project (ESP), whose team has been assisting the company in implementing various automated systems for the last two years.

In the second half of May, GTSO specialists held a joint meeting with colleagues from USAID ESP and SIMONE Research Group s.r.o. (Czech Republic), during which the SIMONE software project was launched. This digital solution is the leading standard in Europe for the modeling and optimization of main and distribution pipelines.

Modern software will provide Gas TSO of Ukraine with advanced dispatching control tools allowing to redirect gas flows in a prompt manner when pipelines get damaged and plan the work more flexibly in a dynamically changing situation.

In general, the SIMONE software package will provide GTSOU dispatchers with the following functionality:

  • online network modeling to improve GTS control;
  • offline modeling for the development of optimal modes of gas transportation, as well as scenario analysis in the process of network development and investment planning;
  • identification of gas leaks;
  • forecasting physical demand;
  • staff training based on process simulation, etc.

Specialists of SIMONE Research Group s.r.o. have extensive experience in implementing similar projects in companies throughout Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and Asia. They will assist in the implementation of the above mentioned tools, as well as provide training courses for GTSOU specialists who will continue using and maintaining the system. Also, the new software package will be integrated with all key IT systems of the company.

“Implementation of the SIMONE modeling system will be a powerful addition to the new SCADA, which GTSO continues deploying on our infrastructure. These projects will provide our dispatchers with all the necessary digital tools of modern design and will significantly increase the efficiency of GTS management and its sustainability. The Ukrainian GTS is the key infrastructure that reliably supplies gas to both Ukrainian and European consumers. We are doing this despite all the difficulties of wartime, – said Sergiy Makogon, CEO of GTSOU. – I am very grateful to our international partners from USAID ESP, who continue supporting us during war – for us it is a demonstration of faith in the Victory of Ukraine”.