Help save the lifeline in Ukraine!

Every day Russian troops are trying to destroy our world. All of Ukraine, residential buildings, hospitals, schools, and critical infrastructure are being shelled by the occupiers.

Ukrainian troops bravely defend our State on the front line, the employees of Gas TSO of Ukraine risk their lives for survival of our people – in the rear.
Gas sector employees are heroes, whose feat during the wart is in warm homes and in every single piece of baked bread.
Gas Transportation System is not just gas pipes, but the only opportunity for Ukrainians to survive in wartime conditions. It’s winter outside. The GTS stands for warmth, food and electricity.
Every day, oil and gas sector employees repair infrastructure damaged by Russian troops amidst bullets and explosions. However, every day the situation worsens. Every next hour of open airspace over Ukraine is a risk to millions of lives.
Gas TSO of Ukraine calls on international partners, NATO, European countries to help Ukraine withstand Russian occupiers and terrorists and to close the airspace over Ukraine. Avoid even more human losses and critical destruction. Don’t delay. Time for life is ticking away.