Introducing automation to gas odorization for consumer safety

April 14, 2021  Natural gas has no color or odor. For safety reasons and to facilitate the possibility of detecting gas leaks, a small amount of odorant, a substance with a pungent odor, is added to it. Previously, the systems used for this purpose required manual intervention, but now this process is automated.

In order to ensure proper odorization of natural gas at 59 gas distribution stations of GTSOU, manual drip units were replaced by automatic odorization systems. Complexes assembled by domestic manufacturers on the basis of the diaphragm pumps of German developers were installed. These units fully automate the process of odorizing in line with the natural gas flow rate and ensure high accuracy of odorant feeding.

The odorizing process is performed at gas distribution stations (GDS) just before the blue fuel is supplied to the operators of GDS (city and regional gas distribution companies), which are supplying natural gas to the consumers. The odorant is injected into the gas pipeline by special equipment, which ensure the odorant feeding strictly in accordance with the norms established. For odorization of natural gas, GTSOU uses agents manufactured by Belgian and French companies.

“In order to ensure the safety of natural gas transportation and utilization, it is purposely given a pungent smell. Previously, the gas odorization process at GDS was carried out by using manual drip gas odorizers. This technique required constant monitoring and adjustment of the odorant flow by the Operators depending on the natural gas flow rate. The automation will not only facilitate the work of our employees, but also increase the accuracy and efficiency of the gas odorization process, and, as a result, increase the reliability of the GTS and the safety of household consumers, daily turning on hundreds of thousands of gas stoves, boilers and heaters in their homes,” said Sergiy Yashchenko, Head of Gas Distribution Stations Department of GTSOU.