It is necessary to minimize the risk of gas shortages this heating season in Ukraine – Pawel Stanczak

Ukraine may need additional volumes of gas imports to ensure the security of supplies. However, even without gas imports, Network Users can contribute to the energy security of Ukraine and the region by continuing to use Ukraine’s gas infrastructure.

This was noted by Acting General Director of Gas TSO of Ukraine Pawel Stanczak during a speech at Central European Energy Day 2022.

“To help Ukraine, we need to continue doing business with Ukraine. This will help minimize risks to our energy system. This will also contribute to strengthening the energy security of European countries”, – said Stanczak.

The Head of the GTSOU called on international partners to increase the firm’s capacity at the connection points with Ukraine on a long-term basis for stability and further planning of the market of the countries of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE).

As Pawel Stanczak noted during the presentation, for its part, Ukraine can contribute to the security of supplies by providing access to underground gas storage facilities in the “customs warehouse” mode (without taxes and customs duties), providing access to regional gas transit for short distances between CEE countries, integrating into the renewable gas industry and promoting the transition to green energy.