Kharkiv MPLPD specialists repaired two gas pipelines, increasing the reliability of gas supply to the Kharkiv region

In June, the specialists from the Kharkiv MPLPD of the Gas TSO of Ukraine repaired two gas pipelines that were damaged by russian shelling in the spring.

Due to active hostilities in the region, GTSOU specialists have to constantly fight to maintain gas supply to the Kharkiv region. Currently, Kharkiv receives gas under an alternative gas supply scheme, which was organized by Kharkiv MPLPD specialists together with city and regional network operators after the destruction of one of the gas distribution stations near the city. The resumption of operation of two main gas pipelines will significantly increase the reliability of gas supply to Kharkiv and the Kharkiv region.

Access to repairs in the case of these two main gas pipelines was difficult due to active military clashes. Therefore, in order to organize access to the facilities, the management of the Kharkiv MPLPD actively cooperated with the head of the Kharkiv Military-Civilian Administration Oleg Syniegubov, the military and sappers.

In order for the GTSOU specialists to start working on the damaged areas, the sappers cleared the territory. Such a check takes place to enter the facility after each shelling. In addition, participants in the elimination of damage must work in protective equipment – bulletproof vests and helmets.

Repairs of gas pipelines were carried out intermittently due to the intensification of hostilities. Work was stopped and workers were evacuated during the shelling. Currently, fire- and earthworks on gas pipelines have been completed, filling with natural gas is in progress. The completed repairs enhance the safety of gas transportation, however, returning to the old gas supply scheme for Kharkiv and the region requires access to facilities and territories occupied by the russian army.