Large-scale GTS modernization program is the contribution of GTSOU professionals to the state’s energy security – Sergiy Makogon

Sergiy Makogon, General Director of LLC Gas TSO of Ukraine, paid a working visit to the Yahotyn Industrial Site in Kyiv Region and inspected the process of reconstruction of the Yahotyn compressor station.

Since June 2021, general construction works on three gas compressor units (GCU), construction of foundations for production and operation units, gas treatment unit, gas cooling unit, fire tank pumping station and others are ongoing at the Yahotyn compressor station. With the large-scale reconstruction, the consumption of fuel gas and costs of repairs will be reduced, as well as the operation and maintenance of the GCUs will become more efficient. This will provide even greater reliability for the compressor station and the gas transmission system as a whole.

“Over the first eight months of this year, Gas TSO has performed the production programs for more than UAH 4.6 billion.  We are responsible for the reliable and safe operation, maintenance and development of the gas transmission system as the efficient functioning of the entire gas market depends on it. That is why, since 2020 we have been implementing an extensive modernization program. It is an ambitious plan, the successful implementation of which is strategically important for the state. The large-scale modernization program is GTSOU’s professionals’ contribution to the energy security of Ukraine,” said Sergiy Makogon, General Director of GTSOU.

The reconstruction of the Yahotyn compressor station will last until the end of 2022. As a result, a new compressor shop will be commissioned with four gas compressor units (GCU) driven by gas turbine engines manufactured by Zorya – Mashproekt, each with a capacity of 16 MW and the necessary engineering infrastructure.

GTSOU, in accordance with the legislation and Development Plan approved by the NEURC, is modernizing and technically upgrading the GTS to ensure the accident-free and safe transportation of natural gas to the consumers in Europe and Ukraine. Our goal is to ensure the reliability of gas transportation, as well as a competitive tariff for gas transportation for Ukrainian consumers and service users, if the transit is significantly reduced after 2024.

Note: The Yahotyn compressor station is also a key facility for the reliable transportation of Ukrainian-produced gas to the domestic consumers. Here, the blue fuel from the Shebelуnka-Dykanka-Kуiv, Shebelynka-Poltava- Kуiv and Efremivka-Dykanka- Kуiv gas pipelines is being balanced. Only three compressor stations in Ukraine operate 24/7/365, and the Yahotyn compressor station is one of them. Therefore, in order to ensure the gas transportation safety and significantly improve economic performance, GTSOU has started the process of technical upgrading and installing new, more efficient equipment at this compressor station.