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Moldova is assessing the demand for capacity at the border with Ukraine

11th of March, 2020, Kyiv – Moldovatransgaz LLC, operator of natural gas transmission systems of the Republic of Moldova, launches the procedure of studying the demand among market participants for allocating gas transmission system capacities at the entry / exit points Grebeniki (ATI, RI, SDKRI), Kaushany (ATI, RI, ShDKRI) and Alekseyevka in the direction Ukraine – Moldova – Ukraine.

The results of the market assessment will help Moldovatransgaz to decide on the future procedure of the distribution of capacities for these points, to plan costs and investments, as well as to predict the value of the gas transportation tariff.

Today, through the territory of Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova through trans-balkan pipelines in the direction of IP Orlovka / Isaccea (Romania), from the capacity of this area remains unused up to 30 billion cubic meters per year.

In order to ensure the physical gas flow in the reverse mode through the trans-balkan pipelines, it is possible to put into operation the Vulcaneshti CS on the RI, SHDKRI gas pipelines and to provide measurements on GMS Kaushany and GMS Grebeniki, which were currently modernized.

Also, at this moment Moldavian TSO is in negotiations with the government officials change the legislative framework of the Republic of Moldova in order to allow the possibility of backhaul procedure at all the indicated entry / exit points

To participate in the assessment, participants must complete the Survey Form below and send it by March 30, 2020 to the address

All questions regarding the evaluation or request capacity form should be sent to the email address: or by phone + 37368578686.

Moldovatransgaz LLC will evaluate the received capacity request forms by 15th of April, 2020 and will publish the evaluation results by the 30th April, 2020.

форма опроса участников рынка Caushany.xlsx

форма опроса участников рынка Grebeniki.xlsx

форма опроса участников рынка Oleksiivka.xlsx