Notification for customers of transportation services

We remind you that in accordance with sub-clause 4 of clause 7 of chapter 8 of section IX of the GTS Code of Ukraine, nominations/renominations  when using capacity with restrictions (so-called “short-haul”) are confirmed after confirmation of nominations/renominations of customers of transportation services who are entitled to use firm and/or interruptible capacity.

At the same time, due to the limitation of injection capacity in UGS by the UGS operator of Ukraine JSC “Ukrtransgaz”, confirmation of nominations/renominations when using short-haul capacity at the cross-border interconnection points is carried out only after confirmation of relevant nominations/renominations for injection into UGS. When carrying out the confirmation (matching) procedure between the OGTSU and the UGS operator, the role of the party performing the matching belongs to the UGS operator. Therefore, in the process of matching at the cross-border interconnection points, the confirmation of nominations / renominations when using shart-haul capacity is carried out only after the confirmation of nominations of firm and/or interruptible products.