PGNiG and the Polish Governmental Agency for Strategic Reserves helped GTSOU to receive welding equipment and a generator

Countries, companies, and organizations unite forces to help Ukraine. Each humanitarian cargo goes to the destination point through thousands of kilometers and several difficulties related to necessary legal procedures on the customs. Our colleagues and partners from other countries help GTSOU overcome logistical issues and obtain the required equipment.

The Polish company PGNiG handed over to GTSOU welding equipment of the world-famous manufacturer Lincoln Electric and a Honda generator. The State Agency for Strategic Reserves (Rządowa Agencja Rezerw Strategicznych – RARS) assisted in organizing the delivery of the equipment from “warehouse to warehouse.” This Polish organization implemented the logistical component of the process and facilitated the passage of customs procedures.

GTSOU units will use the generator and welding equipment for repair and restoration works on gas transportation infrastructure facilities damaged due to hostilities. Today, the company’s repair crews make incredible efforts to transport gas to Ukrainians’ homes and restore gas supply during hostilities and in the territories liberated from the occupiers. GTSOU is grateful to PGNiG and RARS, who are aware of the complexity and importance of this mission and contribute to its implementation.

Together to a victory!