SEEGAS Meeting: GTSOU encourages market participants to store gas in Ukraine

The Ukrainian Gas TSO (GTSOU)  is consistently working on diversifying gas supply routes and encourages international partners to store gas in the Ukrainian gas storage facilities (UGS).

GTSOU raised these questions during the SEEGAS Joint Steering Committee meeting for interregional cooperation in developing the integrated gas market in South-Eastern and Eastern Europe.

According to Olga Bielkova, Director of Government and International Affairs of the company, GTSOU, and Ukrainian Gas Storage facilities are dedicated to diversifying gas supply routes and ensuring uninterrupted gas transmission and storage services to European customers, despite the ongoing war.

Olga Bielkova stated that cooperation areas include developing gas generation in Ukraine to maintain balance in the energy system and producing and transporting renewable gases, such as biomethane. However, regulatory barriers must be removed to facilitate cross-border trade in biomethane.

The event participants also explored the hydrogen sector’s development and prospects.

Anton Lazarevych, Head of Business Development at GTSOU, emphasized that Ukrainian underground storage facilities remain trustworthy even during wartime. They can be used to store gas from LNG terminals in Lithuania and Poland and the southern direction.

“The market interest in using short-haul and customs warehouse services has been growing steadily since the summer of 2022. Last year, GTSOU collaborated with the Moldovan side to help Moldova build up gas reserves for the heating season. Ukrainian GTS and UGS facilities have continuously strengthened the energy security of partner countries and helped stabilize the market”, said Anton Lazarevych.