Spanish-Ukrainian cooperation: GTS operator Enagas provided equipment and materials for works at GTSOU facilities

After Ukraine has won the war, it will undergo large-scale reconstruction and construction, but the gas transportation system cannot wait until the war has ended, and the same is true for Ukrainian consumers. International partners help GTSOU specialists to restore the network in a prompt manner. In particular, Spanish GTS operator – Enagas – has significantly facilitated this process by sending the necessary equipment and materials to Ukraine.

Ukraine has already received emergency couplings of various diameters from Spain, which enable leaks on main gas pipelines to be eliminated; compact mobile compressors – for pneumatic equipment operation during repair works; special portable lighting equipment for working in the dark.

In addition, our Spanish colleagues have sent to GTSOU employees a set of equipment (including spare parts and consumables) for plasma cutting and welding of pipes to be used in the process of restoring the integrity of the pipelines. Enagas has also sent welding electrodes and welding masks, centralizers, a range of electrical equipment, cable extensions, connectors, etc.

“We want this war to end with Ukraine’s victory,” said Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez during his visit to Kyiv. And all of us at Gas TSO of Ukraine see how this desire materializes with the support of our Spanish partners.

Gas TSO of Ukraine is grateful to Enagas for its support.