Hroniki 20220325 (En)
State of operation of the Ukrainian GTS as of March 25, 2022, 12:00

For the previous day, on March 24, Gas TSO of Ukraine transported 76.8 million cubic meters of natural gas for the needs of Ukrainian infrastructure and consumers.

Gas imports from the EU to Ukraine amounted to 9.4 million cubic meters while own production was 51 million cubic meters.
The total number of disconnected gas distribution stations in Ukraine decreased to 41 GDSs. Most of them were stopped due to damage to the networks of distribution system operators (DSOs) and ongoing hostilities.
Today Kharkivgaz networks near the village Chystovodivka has been damaged by shelling. Upon the request of the DSO, GTSOU has stopped the operation of GDS Vostok until the repair of the gas distribution network.
GTSOU continues to keep technological and operational control over Ukrainian GTS facilities. The company has begun preparations for the next heating season. GTSOU implements equipment maintenance works and planned repair works based on the results of in-pipe diagnostics of main gas pipelines. Our goal is to support Ukraine’s economy and ensure reliable gas transportation to consumers.