Thank our international colleagues for the support of GTSOU

15 TSOs from 13 countries – Poland, Lithuania, Slovakia, Belgium, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Germany, Spain, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Great Britain – offered assistance according to our technical needs.

The first cargoes have already arrived in Ukraine – hubs for assembling pipes for welding from the Belgian TSO Fluxys and humanitarian goods (mats, sleeping bags, etc.) from the German TSO ONTRAS.
Our colleagues from Bulgartransgaz EAD have donated six tons of welding electrodes to GTSOU. Repair teams of GTSOU have already received the delivery. These electrodes are necessary for welding during the repair of main pipelines. They are an extremely scarce resource that is almost impossible to buy on the Ukrainian market.

The scheme of emergency delivery of special equipment and repair kits for cold tapping and connection of bypasses in case of damage has been agreed with the German operator OGE (Open Grid Europe).

Another six GTS operators have already formed cargoes before shipment to Ukraine.

Thanks to our international colleagues, as well as the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine, USAID, for assisting in obtaining critical materials for the GTS Operator of Ukraine. Thanks to all of you, GTSOU continues to supply gas to Ukrainian consumers.