The Gas TSO of Ukraine engages research institutes in a large-scale project to study aspects of hydrogen transportation

January 4, 2021, Kyiv – Gas TSO of Ukraine is consulting with research institutes, organizations and companies before launching a large-scale program to study the effect of a mixture of hydrogen with natural gas on gas pipelines and GTS infrastructure.

The attraction of external experts and partners is planned in 2021. The preparatory foundations for this large-scale work are now being created. Scientific and technical research will be carried out in 2021-2022 to analyze the readiness of the Ukrainian gas transportation infrastructure to participate in the transportation of a hydrogen mixture to the EU in accordance with the EU hydrogen strategy.

During December 2020, the Company discussed the prospects for cooperation with research institutes, including the Georgy Kurdyumov Institute for Metal Physics, Ievgeniy Paton Electric Welding Institute, Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas, Georgy Karpenko Physico-Mechanical Institute, Naftogaz branch “Center of Metrology and Gas Distribution Systems”, as well as international companies providing of modern high-tech engineering research.

Gas TSO of Ukraine supports the European vector of sustainable development and decarbonization. This position is reflected in the Company’s Strategy. Also, given that the European Commission has officially recognized Ukraine as the main potential platform for the production and export of renewable hydrogen to Europe, we have to analyze all the possibilities to offer the appropriate services. Further integration into energy markets of Europe is not only a measure to strengthen the energy security of our country, but also to develop its economy,” – said Pawel Stanczak, Deputy General Director on Development and Transformation of GTSOU.

It should be noted that due to the EU Green Deal, adopted at the end of December 2019, hydrogen is reclassified from an “industrial gas” to an “energy carrier”. This means a growth in demand for it is expected in the near future. Ukraine has all the chances to gain a decisive position in the future European energy sector. After all, the country has geographical advantages – the availability of water resources and proximity to the borders of the EU.