The GTS operator of Ukraine announced the launch of a new transparency platform

December 3, 2020, Kyiv – At the end of November, LLC Gas TSO of Ukraine (OGTSU) held two online meetings with foreign and Ukrainian Network Users. At the events, the company spoke about new services, implementation of short-haul service, introduction of electronic auctions, as well as announced the launch of the OGTSU transparency platform.

“We are now actively working to develop a transparency platform that will allow customers to always have open access to aggregate information on physical and commercial flows atinterconnection points and underground storage facilities, booked capacity, consumption and natural gas production,” said the head of the department for the work with customers of OGTSU Andrii Prokofiev. “Within the platform, the function of quick data update will be provided, as well as the opportunity to select historical information from the beginning of the year with the necessary breakdown into daily or monthly values. The launch of a test version of the transparency platform is scheduled for the end of 2020. “

 Among the achievements of 2020 in the field of gas transmission, OGTSU noted: 

  • Launch of virtual interconnection points on the border with Hungary and Poland, which helped to import 3.6 billion cubic metersof gas by means of backhaul.
  • Opening access to liquefied gas from LNG terminals in Greece and Turkey for Ukraine. Thus, in August, the first transit of gas through the Trans-Balkan Pipeline from Greece to Ukraine took place.
  • Introduction of a new short-haul service, which allowed to transport 6.1 billion cubic metersof gas in 2020.
  • Introduction of electronic capacity allocation auctions – RBP (Hungary) and GSA (Poland).

 Commenting on key plans for the next year, OGTSU Director General Sergiy Makogon said: “We will focus on improving the efficiency of the GTS and creating conditions for the development of a competitive and liquid gas market in Ukraine in accordance with European rules. The focus will be put on the development of the gas exchange, the creation of new routes for the import of natural gas to Ukraine from neighboring countries on a firm basis, full transition to energy units, support for the opening of the natural gas market for the population and DH, and work on neutrality. These measures are necessary for the development of a regional gas hub in Ukraine, and therefore for further liberalization and increasing the liquidity of the gas market.”


Presentation demonstrated during the meeting with customers: ENG, UKR.