The reliability of the Ukrainian GTS is ensured by timely In-line Inspection

In 2022, the employees of Gas TSO of Ukraine (GTSOU) inspected more than 2 000 kilometers of the main gas pipelines linear part (MGPLP). In-line Inspection (ILI) is performed jointly with ROSEN Europe B. V.

Russia’s war and its constant energy terror against Ukraine have exacerbated our country’s need for reliable operation of energy companies. The Ukrainian gas transportation system is a strategic asset, the well-coordinated functioning of which ensures the supply of a vital resource in every region. The employees of GTSOU, despite all the difficulties of wartime and daily danger, perform all operational tasks for the uninterrupted operation of the gas transportation system. And one of these tasks is to perform the in-line inspection.

In 2022, the ILI of the MGPLP was successfully carried out:

  • DN 1400 – 1176.75 km;
  • DN 1200 – 71.91 km;
  • DN 1000 – 789.86 km.

The performance of the In-line inspection of one of the main gas pipelines on the section from the state border with Moldova to the compressor station of GTSOU should be specially noted. The peculiarity of this section lies in reverse gas transportation. Taking into account that this MGP is the only one for gas supplies to Moldova, high priority is given to ensuring the reliability of gas transportation.  To inspect the strategically important section of the MGP, the specialists of the Gas Transportation Division proposed several non-standard solutions. Namely: converting the launching chambers for cleaning and diagnostics tools (CDT) into CDT receiving traps, and vice versa.

The development of working drawings was entrusted to Design and Estimate Works Division. Repair and installation works were carried out by the employees of Bohorodchany LPD, with the participation of ORD. Owing to the professional and well-coordinated work of all those involved in the implementation of the project, the plan for the performance of ILI on this MGP was timely fulfilled.

“The successful implementation of the “pilot” project for the installation of a temporary CDT receiving trap has demonstrated the effectiveness of using this technology. This approach will be used in the future on other sections of the MGP, where in-line inspection has not yet been carried out. The war brought a lot of grief to Ukraine, but it also pushed us to be innovative. We will use this ILI experience in peacetime as well”, – said Yurii Ziabchenko, Chief Engineer at GTSOU.

It should be recalled that the inspection of gas pipelines is carried out using several techniques, which allows for examining their actual condition in detail. Based on the results of the reports received, the Company’s specialists have identified sections of the GTS that require particular attention, and at the moment carry out all the necessary organizational and technical measures. GTSOU plans to examine almost 2.5 thousand kilometers of the linear part of main gas pipelines in 2023.