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The role of natural gas in the energy transition is decisive, – Olga Bielkova

Olga Bielkova, Director on Government and International Affairs of Gas TSO of Ukraine, participated in the Ukraine Gas Investment Congress, initiated by NJSC Naftogaz of Ukraine, which was held in Kyiv on October 20-21, 2021.

Moving toward climate neutrality, which developed countries aim to achieve by 2050, it is essential to go through important stages of energy market transformation. This will require modern management, significant investment, attracting professional businesses, as well as taking into account the positions and needs of different European countries. European and Ukrainian experts discussed this during the discussion panel “Thinking Beyond Tomorrow: The Energy Transition.”

The participants of the discussion noted that the European Commission is preparing a decision, whereby natural gas is planned to be designated as a transitional fuel in the decarbonization process.

“We must understand and be responsible even in our dreams: the transition to renewable energy sources is a long-term perspective. Over the next 10-20 years, it is exactly natural gas that will play a key role as a “transition fuel”. Ukraine is neither an observer nor an object in this process, but an active player: we have something to offer the EU; however, we also know and care about our own needs. For us, and for many countries, natural gas is the shortest route to decarbonization. And the gas infrastructure – we are talking about the transportation of hydrogen and biomethane – will play an important role at all the stages of the “green transition”, pointed out Olga Bielkova during her speech.

In its strategy, Gas TSO takes into account the potential of hydrogen development and is actively researching this innovative direction. Paweł Stańczak, Deputy CEO for Development and Transformation of Gas TSO of Ukraine, have referred to this during the forum.

“We are working together with European Gas TSOs, studying all technological, regulatory and economic aspects of hydrogen transportation, which is important for the gradual transition to carbon-free energy”,  he said.

This year the Ukraine Gas Investment Congress has brought together ministers, investors, representatives of transnational and Ukrainian businesses, leading international institutions and energy experts.