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To biomethane producers: particularities of connecting to GTS and GDS

Gas TSO of Ukraine supports the development of biomethane in the country and calls on potential producers to develop detailed project plans on the production of this type of fuel for domestic use as well as for export purposes in perspective.

Today, the prospect of replacing natural gas with renewable gases, in particular biomethane, is being discussed both in Europe and in Ukraine. Important decisions have been made in Ukraine at legislative and governmental levels, which give the “green light” for the full development of production and use of biomethane in Ukraine, as well as for its export to Europe.

Thus, in pursuance of the Law on the development of the biomethane market in Ukraine No. 1820 dated October 21, 2021, in July this year the government approved the Procedure on the functioning of the biomethane register and the mechanism for providing guarantees of the origin of biomethane, and in early August 2022 the National Commission for State Regulation of Energy and Public Utilities (NEURC , introduced relevant changes to the Code of the Gas Transportation System (GTS) and the Code of Gas Distribution Systems (GDS). This refers to reduced requirements for the molar part of oxygen in natural gas for the access of biogas to the gas transportation system and gas distribution systems.

Gas TSO of Ukraine supports projects on development of biomethane and calls on potential producers to develop detailed plans for connection to the gas networks.

We have prepared useful information for biomethane producers on the particularities of connecting to the GTS and GDS.

What differences exist between connecting to GTS and GDS?

Which gas quality is required?

What are its physical and chemical characteristics?

What kind of equipment is needed?

You will find the answers in the infographic.