Transmission system operators of Poland and Ukraine are introducing new cooperation rules

November 29, 2019, Kyiv Transmission system operators of Poland and Ukraine, have agreed on the terms of cooperation at the interconnection points in Drozdowicze an Hermanowice, which are in line with the EU regulations.

GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. and UKRTRANSGAZ JSC signed an annex to the interconnection agreement regarding the modifications to the interconnectors between Poland and Ukraine:

  • At Hermanowice interconnection point, from December 1, 2019, transmission towards Poland based on the contractual virtual reverse will be launched, and the Operational Balancing Account under the requirements of the EU network codes will be provided.
  • At Drozdowicze interconnection point, from January 1, 2020, the capacity will be offered on the fully compliant with the EU network codes basis, including the launching of the contractual reverse towards Ukraine and the Operational Balancing Account.

The abovementioned changes to the operators’ interconnection agreement are another step towards adjusting the rules of operation of interconnection points at the Polish-Ukrainian border to the EU requirements.

Following the ongoing process of unbundling of an independent transmission system operator on the Ukrainian side, the parties also agreed on the rules of cooperation to ensure the continuity of the functioning of both points. In particular, transfer of the cooperation agreement from Ukrtransgaz JSC to Gas TSO LLC after the unbundling procedure completion on January 1, 2020.