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Ukraine’s GTS Operator has adopted a new procurement policy: transparency and encouragement of competition among suppliers are in focus

The company’s new procurement policy defines approaches to planning needs, substantiating technical, quantitative and qualitative characteristics of a given procurement item, as well as formulating requirements that will not be discriminatory for the market and will increase competition among the Operator’s suppliers.

“With this new document, we have declared our intentions and established rules that will allow us to be open, transparent and market-oriented,” Borys Liubych, Procurement Director at Ukraine’s GTS Operator, said.

One of the key approaches enshrined in the new procurement policy is open communication with the market. The company has envisaged holding market consultations as early as during the demand formation stage. “This will allow us to expand the circle of potential suppliers and providers, including new ones who have never worked with the Operator, but are ready to do so,” Borys Liubych emphasised.

Another aspect of the Policy is the transparent process of goods and materials acquisition, which allows engaging the supplier and taking into account his opinion and remarks.

To date, all Operator’s procurements and their entire process – from demand formation to a contract’s implementation – are fully automated. “We have gone totally paperless in our procurements – there are no papers that would accompany the purchase. The acceleration of the procurement process is one of the transparency criteria, too,” Borys Liubych summarised.