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Ukrainian Gas TSO and SSO offer attractive conditions for European customers – Dmytro Lyppa

Europe’s gradual refusal to use russian gas and the decarbonization policy are leading to changes in the European gas market. In the new conditions, the use of Ukrainian gas infrastructure is economically attractive. It can strengthen the region’s energy security by storing gas reserves in Ukrainian storage facilities, expanding cross-border trade, developing the renewable gas industry, and creating balancing gas power generation capacities.

Dmytro Lyppa, CEO of GTSOU, said this during the Ukrainian-Italian conference on the reconstruction of Ukraine in Rome.

The Ukrainian gas infrastructure has a convenient geographical location, the necessary capacities for gas imports and exports, and competitive tariffs for economically attractive and safe gas transportation and storage in Ukraine for European customers. According to Dmytro Lyppa, despite the war, traders continue storing gas in Ukraine and re-exporting it to Europe.

“We offer competitive tariffs for European traders, particularly for gas transportation routes from LNG terminals and further storage in Ukrainian storage facilities. Current challenges force everyone to take a responsible approach to energy supply security and compliance with European rules and values. Operators of the GTS and UGS of Ukraine are certified according to European legislation and have proven the reliability of their work even in extreme conditions. It is confirmed by our productive and continuous cooperation with neighboring TSOs and European traders,” noted the head of GTSOU.

In addition, Ukraine can export biomethane to Europe within the framework of reformatting the European market and the transition to renewable gases. The Ukrainian market needs investments to develop this direction, but it already has regulatory practices and a developed agricultural sector that can provide raw materials. In their turn, European companies can improve Ukraine’s energy security by supporting maneuverable gas-powered generation development at GTSOU facilities.