Ukrainian GTS is ready to transport twice as much gas as both “streams” together – Sergiy Makogon

Ukraine can tackle Europe’s gas “price crisis” – our GTS is ready to transport almost twice as much gas as the Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2 pipelines. The annual capacity of the Ukrainian GTS is 146 billion cubic meters of gas, while both strings of Russian pipelines have a capacity of only 55 billion cubic meters of gas per year.

This is how Sergiy Makogon, General Director of  LLC Gas TSO of Ukraine commented to Channel 5 on the surge in prices associated with an artificial scarcity of blue fuel in the gas market in Europe.

“The transit is an element of energy and military security not only for Ukraine, but for all Europe. We invest heavily in the repair of the infrastructure, maintenance and training of professionals. Therefore, the Ukrainian GTS is reliable and safe, and we are ready to provide additional transmission capacity in the volumes exceeding Nord Stream-2. So, we can meet the current European demand using the capacities available in Ukraine, without the Russian gas pipeline,” said Makogon.

As the Head of the GTSOU pointed out, Ukraine has never failed the European consumers and the supply of gas has never been interrupted due to the fault of Ukraine.

Last year, a program of large-scale modernization of the Ukrainian GTS was launched. What kind of modern technologies are used nowadays to carry out diagnostics the gas transmission system – that’s what Channel 5 journalists have learned. In particular, the representatives of the mass media witnessed the receipt of the ROSEN inspection tool at the Goliatyn compressor station in the Zakarpattia region. More than 127 km of the section of the gas pipeline Urenhoi-Pomary-Uzhhorod from the CS Bogorodchany to the CS Goliatyn was examined on September 16. The smart pig had been moving along the section for about 16 hours and recorded almost 30 gigabytes of information for further analysis by ROSEN specialists and subsequent delivery of the report to GTSOU specialists. Moreover, since the beginning of the year, a total of 967 km of the main gas pipelines of Ukraine have been inspected with the help of ROSEN intelligent tools.