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Ukrainian traders have received expanded access to LNG terminals in Poland and the Baltic states

Gas TSO of Ukraine congratulates its colleagues – Eustream and Gaz-System S.A. – on the launch of the Poland-Slovakia interconnector. Thanks to the preliminary agreement of GTSOU with the Slovakian TSO to increase the firm capacity of gas imports, Ukrainian traders receive additional opportunities and one more guaranteed gas transportation route from LNG terminals in Poland and Baltic countries, as well as access to the Baltic Pipe.

Access to liquefied natural gas (LNG) provides new opportunities for Ukraine and Eastern European countries. The construction of LNG terminals and the implementation of gas transmission infrastructure projects diversify the gas supply sources. The countries can receive gas from Norway, the USA, Qatar, and other countries that will foster the substitution of the russian gas share in European markets and strengthen the energy security of the whole region.

“Thanks to a decade of strategic work – the construction of LNG terminals, interconnectors, the implementation of Baltic Pipe project – Poland is becoming a “gas hub” of Northeastern Europe. We remark on the diversification of sources and routes. It is a significant contribution to the energy security of the region. For its part, Ukraine can offer our partners access to underground gas storage, gas transit for short distances between the countries of North-Eastern and South-Eastern Europe, and integration of decarbonized gases for industrial needs. The gas market in the foreseeable future has prospects to become truly open and competitive, and politicized and monopolistic pricing will remain a relic of the past”, CEO of GTSOU Sergiy Makogon says.

After the launch of the Poland-Slovakia interconnector, Ukraine will be able to import almost 13 mln cubic meters per day (4.7 bln cubic meters per year) from Poland via Slovakia. It should be noted that in March, the Ukrainian TSO increased the possibility of importing gas from Slovakia from 27 mln cubic meters per day to 42 mln cubic meters per day. And the intermittent capacity for gas import via the Polish-Ukrainian route will remain available since September 1. Currently, Ukrainian traders have the opportunity to import gas from the Slovak, Hungarian and Polish directions with a total volume of 54 million cubic meters per day.

“Ukrainian traders are interested in the firm capacity for gas imports. GTSOU, in cooperation with Eustream, took far-sighted care to increase the possibility of physical gas imports from Slovakia to 42 million cubic meters per day. Ukraine has received increased access to the liquefied gas market. In the example of partner countries, we see how strategic investments in infrastructure bring long-term results. We will not stop and continue working on increasing firm capacity for gas imports directly from Poland on a long-term basis”, commented Pawel Stanczak, Deputy CEO for Development and Transformation of Gas TSO of Ukraine.