Update: about the accident at the KZU-1 gas pipeline section in Kyiv region

September 17, 2020, Kyiv – At 2 p.m., all major works at the section of the gas pipeline KZU-1 (Kyiv – Western Ukraine – 1) in the Kyiv region are carried out after rapture, which occurred on 15-th of September 2020. The current state of repairs allows us to talk about the elimination of critical consequences of the accident.

GTSOU repair crews work around the clock at the liquidation site, and emergency recovery works are on schedule. Currently, all 38 meters of the new pipeline have been installed and defectoscopy of welded joints has done with positive results. Now the surface of the pipe is on the preparation for the installation of the insulating coating, which is used to protect against corrosion.

Thus, the KZU-1 gas pipeline has been restored for gas transportation in the normal mode. For the final elimination of all the consequences of the accident, the earthworks have to be finished in the coming days, in particular backfilling of the trench, reclamation and restoration of the fertile soil layer.

There are no interruptions in the supply of consumers in Ukraine and the functions of the GTSOU on the transit of natural gas through the territory of Ukraine.