We support our defenders not in words, but in deeds: since February 24, the Сompany and its employees have transferred 5.8 million hryvnias for the country’s defense needs

The employees of GTSOU voluntarily gave part of their wages to help strengthen the defense capabilities of our country. These funds were used to purchase military ammunition: helmets, body armor, high quality tactical boots, goggles, gloves, as well as needed technical equipment at the request of the military. Modern and effective gear will be an added advantage for our fighters at the front.

A significant number of the Company’s employees are now serving in the Armed Forces, therefore a part of the funds raised was directed toward their immediate needs.

GTSOU will continue raising funds in order to maximize the safety of our colleagues, who are currently defending our country. No less important is the provision of military vehicles, and our Company has supplied the fighters with 250 motor vehicles.

Each linear-production division, each employee of GTSOU at its own level does its best to help the military fight hostile aggression, to bring Ukraine’s victory closer and to protect civilians. Our colleagues in the regions help build defense structures, are on duty in territorial defense, weld anti-tank “hedgehogs”, transport supplies, organize evacuation trips, and join the recovery works on critical infrastructure in the cities- do everything possible to strengthen our defense and protect those affected by the hostilities.

“We are holding the energy rear of Ukraine firm and help to strengthen the military front,” commented Sergiy Makogon, General Director of GTSOU. “From the very beginning of the establishment of Gas TSO of Ukraine, we pay significant attention to social responsibility. Earlier the employees of the Company joined the fight against the pandemic, helped communities and hospitals, and were focused on solving humanitarian issues. Now our priority is to help the military and those citizens who have suffered from military aggression. Thank you to each GTSOU employee for your concern. Every one of you is a hero worthy of respect and boundless gratitude”.