Gas TSO of Ukraine ensures transportation of natural gas from Russian Federation in full

03 January 2020,  Kyiv – Starting from 1 Jan 2020, 7-00 (Kyiv time) LLC “Gas TSO of Ukraine” fulfills nominations from JSC “Gazprom” in full and ensures transmission of natural gas from Russian Federation to the EU countires and Moldova in the amount of 35-45 mcm per day.

At the same time, “Gas TSO of Ukraine” receives all payments for the daily capacities on respective entry and exit interconnection points based on booked for 2020 amount of 65 bcm. This confirms evident advantages of the “ship or pay” principle, which was transposed to Ukrainian legislation in accordance with the EU rules.

Due to small volumes of transit Ukrainian gas transmission system functions partially in reverse mode. This means that the demand of natural gas consumers in Southern and Eastern regions is fulfilled by transportation of natural gas volumes from the underground storage facilities via “Soyuz” gas pipeline in direction “west-east”.  This means that investments in preparation of operation of the system have been justified.

To recap, Ukraine finished unbundling and fully switched to EU natural gas market rules from 1 January 2020.