Gas TSO of Ukraine invites network users to join the ACER and EnCS survey

The European Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators and the Energy Community Secretariat have launched a survey “Public Consultation on Capacity Offering and Use at the Gas Interconnection Points Located at the Borders of the EU and the Energy Community”. Gas TSO of Ukraine welcomes the initiative to study aspects of the development of international markets and invites network users to take part in the survey.

The Company supports the implementation of European business rules for natural gas transmission at all interconnection points. Therefore, starting from 2020, it implemented the mechanisms of matching and allocation provided by the European regulation 2015/703 of 30 April 2015. In 2020, virtual interconnection points were created on the borders with Poland and Hungary, capacity allocation auctions were introduced etc.

We strive to continue implementing best European practices at the borders with other countries, so it is important for the Company to have the opinion of network users on issues of cooperation at all interconnection points, including among others on the following issues:

(1) Creation of a virtual interconnection point at the Ukraine/Slovakia border as an additional tool to guarantee the continuity of natural gas flow in case of repair works, as well as for maximization of capacities use at the border;

(2) Unblocking of all interconnection points at the Ukraine/Romania border to provide the access to capacity for all market participants on a free and equal basis;

(3) Creation of firm capacities for gas transmission from Poland and Hungary to Ukraine;

(4) Harmonization of the quality characteristics of natural gas for transmission between the countries of the CESEC region;

(5) Introduction of backhaul at the interconnection points between Ukraine and Moldova as a tool for increasing the load of the Trans-Balkan pipeline.

We welcome the participation of all network users in consultations. Providing feedback is possible at the link

We will also be very pleased if you send answers concerning the interconnection points between Ukraine and neighboring countries, in addition to the e-mail of Business Development Unit of Gas TSO of Ukraine Your opinion on the business development at interconnection points is very important for the Company.