GTSOU congratulates Slovak operator EUSTREAM on its anniversary: 50 years of transit – 50 years of cooperation

Gas TSO of Ukraine congratulates our Slovak colleagues and partners – EUSTREAM – on its 50th anniversary of the successful fulfillment of international gas transportation obligations.

Well-developed Slovak-Ukrainian gas transіt infrastructure provides an important energy bridge between the East and the West in the integrated European energy architecture. Since 1972, more than 3 trillion cubic meters of gas have been transported by the Slovak gas corridor from Ukraine to the EU countries. The Ukrainian-Slovak route with a transit capacity of 109 bcm of gas per year has historically been the leading and the most reliable route.

EUSTREAM has repeatedly given its “helping hand” in crises for Ukraine. In particular, in 2014, the launch of the gas reverse flow from Slovakia to Ukraine became a turning point on the way to Ukrainian energy independence.

In 2022, Gas TSO of Ukraine and EUSTREAM agreed to increase the firm capacities for gas imports to Ukraine by 15 mcm to 42 mcm of gas per day to help our country to go through the tough times and secure our energy stability in the upcoming heating season.

Also, EUSTREAM and Gas TSO of Ukraine is already working on a common decarbonized future. Close cooperation in the sphere of decarbonized gases will boost the energy security of the region and help to promptly replace the share of the Russian gas in the EU countries.

“Together with EUSTREAM, we have discussed and overcome the current challenges – geopolitical changes in the EU gas market and the need to strengthen the security of gas supply in the Central European region – before and now together. We are also focusing on future possibilities – how to use the current transit infrastructure to transport decarbonization gases (biomethane and hydrogen). We have a lot of work ahead of us,” adds Olga Bielkova, Director of Government and International Affairs of GTSOU.

The cooperation between Gas TSO of Ukraine and EUSTREAM goes far beyond typical technical issues. EUSTREAM was one of the first TSOs to provide technical support to Ukraine and significant humanitarian assistance when the war broke down in 2022.

Gas TSO of Ukraine thanks EUSTREAM for the excellent cooperation over the past 50 years, its support today, and joint big plans for tomorrow. We wish EUSTREAM success and prosperity!